Watch a 30-second clip of grouse strutting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQ7FNcHMbNY

You can help protect these beautiful birds; just go to: http://www.razoo.com/story/Grousefence.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided to list the Gunnison sage-grouse as a threatened species. Please see the sidebar for details, or click here to go to the FWS page for the final rule, critical habitat maps, FAQs, etc. To get the latest local GUSG news, sign up for our email list by sending an email to: Leigh at info@sanmiguelgrouse.org  For more details, please see our News & Data and Maps pages or click here for information on tools for landowners who live in critical habitat.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our efforts through the Telluride Gives program! We appreciate your support.

A special thanks to Onset, makers of HOBO data loggers, for their contribution of equipment for our weather station! See the News & Data page for details.

Click here to see the 30-second video of Gunnison sage-grouse with no narration, so you can hear the unique watery, popping sound of their display.

Mission: to work together and coordinate efforts to ensure a thriving population of Gunnison sage-grouse in a healthy, conserved sagebrush ecosystem while helping to ensure a sustainable community in the San Miguel Basin, CO.

Members include: landowners, concerned citizens, and staff or members of The Nature Conservancy, Black Canyon Audubon Society, San Miguel County, the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the Bureau of Land Management, universities, the U.S. Forest Service, Sheep Mountain Alliance, the Natural Resource Conservation Service, the San Miguel Watershed Coalition, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Castleton Commodities International, and other organizations.

What we do:

  • Conserve Sage-Grouse habitat by writing grants, raising funds, and coordinating the donation or purchase of land and/or conservation easements
  • Plan and coordinate habitat improvement projects
  • Provide comments on land use decisions that effect Gunnison Sage-Grouse
  • Help people learn more about Gunnison Sage-Grouse and the threats to its survival
  • Hold working group and committee meetings to share information and to plan and implement strategies

How you can help:

  • Get on our e-mail list to stay informed (see below)
  • Attend Working Group meetings, see http://sanmiguelgrouse.org/meetings/ for a schedule
  • Get involved in a committee: Habitat Protection, Habitat Improvement, Land Use, or Education/Information/Publicity

Contact the coordinator for other ways to volunteer; call 970-316-1650 or e-mail: Leigh